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How do you do your readings? I do what I call blind reading. This means come prepared for a reading, having thought about what you want to know. Have a sit and say nothing. The reading then happens. If I am unable to receive information, the reading stops and your charged nothing. I am 98% accurate. And a reading lasts about 30 to 45 minutes each. I can do them over zoom or skype.


Every person I have read has been touched and amazed at my accuracy.

I have read for many of the stars of today, but keep their privacy private. I use BOB the skull of wishes, who has been on the history channel and the discovery channel.

On the CBD oils we sell, one satisfied customer wrote:

Thank you Cece for introducing the Medix CBD Topical Pain Cream to me. I have tried many topicals for my multiple medical conditions that cause chronic pain such as Neuropathy, Arthritis and other. This is by far the best topical I have used! I rubbed it on my feet and knees. Within a short time, the pain was gone! Thank you!